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Program Development / 2015-present

Client: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Adolescent Health

Plan A is a theory-based, evidence-informed, entertainment education
intervention developed to reduce unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted
infections (STIs) among young women.

It is now available for purchase by clinics, health departments, schools, universities, community organizations, and private providers.

For more information, including to view the entire 23-minute video, contact:
Aaron Plant

What is addressed in Plan A?

  • Effective contraception, emphasizing long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) and dual contraception
  • Condom use and negotiation skills
  • Emergency contraception
  • Patient-delivered partner treatment (PDPT)
  • Risk perception for pregnancy and HIV/STIs
  • Importance of regular HIV/STI testing
  • Discussion of sexual history, HIV/STI testing, and contraception with a health provider

The Plan A intervention is:

  • Easy to implement; it requires little staff time and no training
  • Brief enough for clients to watch before their appointment
  • Entertaining, keeping the target audience engaged over the video’s entire 23 minutes
  • Comprised of three stories with a range of characters to appeal to diverse audiences
  • Available with Spanish and English captions
  • Highly acceptable and engaging to both African- American and Latina women ages 18–19, as well as younger women and other races/ethnicities

Plan A development
The intervention was developed using an iterative process involving adolescent health experts, clinical providers, and intensive, ongoing input from young women. The theoretical framework includes Social Cognitive Theory, the Theory of Planned Behavior, and entertainment- education theories that have been used for numerous effective reproductive health programs.

What is the evidence?
Plan A is currently being evaluated in a 4-year randomized controlled study. Two completed studies have found high levels of program acceptability, satisfaction, and engagement among a range of young women, including Black, Latina, and White women ages 16–19. Young women in these studies found Plan A to be highly relevant, engaging, easy to understand, and high quality.; 82% of young women said Plan A changed the way the felt about their sexual health.

In a research study with 121 reproductive health professionals; participants found Plan A to be thought-provoking, appropriate for their clients, and believed it would be effective in improving client reproductive health outcomes. They also felt that Plan A would be easy to implement, fits with their organizational mission, and that their staff would like it.

Sentient Research articles and conference presentations about Plan A:

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